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Chislehurst (E05000111)

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Chislehurst is located within London Borough of Bromley and has an area of 1,044.1 hectares.

Map of Chislehurst ward
Map legend for Chislehurst

Ward Elections for 2018

Katy Boughey - ELECTEDConservative Party3,094
Suraj Sharma - ELECTEDConservative Party2,784
Kieran S. C. Terry - ELECTEDConservative Party2,900
Stella R. GardinerGreen Party642
Mick MaroneyLabour Party748
Christian R. MoleLabour Party901
Eugene P. NixonLabour Party660
Robert P. CliffLiberal Democrats507
Simon J. LewisLiberal Democrats436
Ian M. MagrathLiberal Democrats607
Conservative Party Total8,778
Labour Party Total2,309
Liberal Democrats Total1,550
Green Party Total642