Updates: 9 July 2020

Page Design

  • Small update to vector maps to better show the currently selected borough
  • Corrected an error which crept into the Coronavirus dashboard graphs
  • Updated coding to enable links to specific pages from within London map rather than just to borough page
  • Added new page showing green belt figure data for individual boroughs, together with associated mapping (including areas of ITP London Plan policy H2 which overlaps with designated green belt)


  • Updated planning maps, now including TfL and other stations
  • Added new dataset – total area of borough which is both within designated green belt land, and also London Plan small sites policy H2 zone
  • Added new data for mortality rates due to Coronavirus, and updated the Coronavirus dashboard accordingly
  • Updated green belt figures based on our own GIS mapping rather than external datasets. This came about because it appears there’s a very small area within Greenwich which falls under green belt designation which was excluded from the CPRE data we’d been using previously
  • Added new map showing all of London’s green belt, togther with those green belt areas falling within the H2 zone
  • Updated Corona virus stats for 7 July 2020