Updates: 9 June 2020

Page Design

  • Added Air Quality data to the London Borough page – the data already existed but there was no way of viewing it
  • We’ve added a new page which allows the comparison of any dataset on the site to be compared with any other. This isn’t quite ready for primetime yet (and there’s a question over how useful this is), so it’s not included on the main page menu yet. But if you want to check it out, you can do so here.


  • Included new section “Golf courses” within borough data pages, providing following statistics. This data is based on the Ordnance Survey’s “green space” GIS dataset, updated April 2020. We’ve filtered the data using the term “golf” and merged all areas matching this criteria within each borough to provide an overall figure. Where golf courses overlap a borough boundary the area of that course has been split between the two boroughs accordingly. From this we’ve created the following data:
    • Total area of golf courses within each borough
    • Percentage area of borough occupied by golf courses
    • Housing capacity (based on existing density) of golf courses
  • Derived a new dataset from the GIS system showing the area of golf courses which do not sit within designated green belt (although note that we have not checked for other protections, eg. metropolitan open land). This has been used to generate a notional figure for new homes at existing borough densities if these areas were released for development (although a golf course which sits partially within greenbelt would presumably lose some of its holes, so the remaining area might not be much use as a golf club any more).