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Surrey Docks (E05011117)

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Surrey Docks is located within London Borough of Southwark and has an area of 171.0 hectares.

Map of Surrey Docks ward
Map legend for Surrey Docks

Ward Elections for 2018

Mark G.J. FindellConservative Party487
Simon J. FoxConservative Party423
Hannah E. GinnettConservative Party460
Sandra LaneGreen Party457
Amy E. ClarkeLabour Party931
John P. RuleLabour Party793
Will TuckerLabour Party780
Nick Johnson - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats1,316
Nicola J. Salmon - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats1,373
Dan Whitehead - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats1,485
Liberal Democrats Total4,174
Labour Party Total2,504
Conservative Party Total1,370
Green Party Total457