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Telegraph Hill (E05000453)

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Telegraph Hill is located within London Borough of Lewisham and has an area of 154.6 hectares.

Map of Telegraph Hill ward
Map legend for Telegraph Hill

Ward Elections for 2018

John R. Lloyd - ELECTEDAlliance for Green Socialism209
Ben Blackmore - ELECTEDConservative Party287
Rachel L. Joseph - ELECTEDConservative Party273
Tristram J. Kennedy Harper - ELECTEDConservative Party262
Jess Wiles - ELECTEDGreen Party1,168
Paul Bell - ELECTEDLabour Party2,910
Joan Millbank - ELECTEDLabour Party3,069
Luke Sorba - ELECTEDLabour Party2,643
Cheryl Baum - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats443
Ade Fatukasi - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats362
Jem Smith - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats316
Labour Party Total8,622
Green Party Total1,168
Liberal Democrats Total1,121
Conservative Party Total822
Alliance for Green Socialism Total209