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New Cross (E05000449)

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New Cross is located within London Borough of Lewisham and has an area of 181.1 hectares.

Map of New Cross ward
Map legend for New Cross

Ward Elections for 2018

Solape Alatise - ELECTEDConservative Party340
Brian Chipps - ELECTEDConservative Party261
Isaac Sakey - ELECTEDConservative Party315
Andrea E. Carey Fuller - ELECTEDGreen Party968
Brenda Dacres - ELECTEDLabour and Co-operative Party2,808
Joe Dromey - ELECTEDLabour and Co-operative Party2,616
Paul Maslin - ELECTEDLabour and Co-operative Party2,100
Jerry Barnett - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats319
Averil Leimon - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats257
Norval Scott - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats236
Labour and Co-operative Party Total7,524
Green Party Total968
Conservative Party Total916
Liberal Democrats Total812