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Lewisham Central (E05000448)

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Lewisham Central is located within London Borough of Lewisham and has an area of 206.2 hectares.

Map of Lewisham Central ward
Map legend for Lewisham Central

Ward Elections for 2018

Andrew D. Hughes - ELECTEDConservative Party619
Gareth J. Milner - ELECTEDConservative Party478
Joshua O`Connor - ELECTEDConservative Party490
Eugenia Barnett - ELECTEDGreen Party776
Claire M. Cooper - ELECTEDGreen Party642
Charles M. Guille - ELECTEDGreen Party415
Patrick Codd - ELECTEDLabour Party2,776
Aisling Gallagher - ELECTEDLabour Party2,821
Joani Reid - ELECTEDLabour Party2,607
Katie Anderson - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats653
Marc J. Postle - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats468
David Williamson - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats485
Mandu Reid - ELECTEDWomen's Equality Party428
Labour Party Total8,204
Green Party Total1,833
Liberal Democrats Total1,606
Conservative Party Total1,587
Women's Equality Party Total428