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Catford South (E05000440)

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Catford South is located within London Borough of Lewisham and has an area of 186.7 hectares.

Map of Catford South ward
Map legend for Catford South

Ward Elections for 2018

Mark W. Hanlon - ELECTEDConservative Party638
Adam H. Lake - ELECTEDConservative Party540
Sylbourne Sydial - ELECTEDConservative Party516
Rosie Downes - ELECTEDGreen Party906
Skip Amrani - ELECTEDLabour Party2,548
Alan Smith - ELECTEDLabour Party2,204
Eva A. Stamirowski - ELECTEDLabour Party2,444
Diana A. Cashin - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats526
Julian A. Hawkins - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats330
Peter Hoskin - ELECTEDLiberal Democrats266
Labour Party Total7,196
Conservative Party Total1,694
Liberal Democrats Total1,122
Green Party Total906