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Gooshays (E05000310)

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Gooshays is located within London Borough of Havering and has an area of 775.9 hectares.

Map of Gooshays ward
Map legend for Gooshays

Ward Elections for 2018

Gregory A. SamuelConservative Party693
Dominic N. SwanConservative Party592
Joseph G. WebsterConservative Party619
Katie MorantGreen Party173
Isabelle AlexanderHarold Wood Hill Park Residents Association197
Irene L. EaglingHarold Wood Hill Park Residents Association147
Lucia Q. WiseHarold Wood Hill Park Residents Association160
Carole A. Beth - ELECTEDLabour Party1,100
Adam CurtisLabour Party910
Paul S. McGeary - ELECTEDLabour Party973
John C. PorterLiberal Democrats99
Kevin H. LayzellNational Front50
Sam BrownThe Harold Hill Independent Party915
Lorraine MossThe Harold Hill Independent Party839
Janet S. Sargent - ELECTEDThe Harold Hill Independent Party956
Ben A.J. BucklandUK Independence Party (UKIP)479
Patricia A. RumbleUK Independence Party (UKIP)382
Lawrence J. WebbUK Independence Party (UKIP)383
Labour Party Total2,983
The Harold Hill Independent Party Total2,710
Conservative Party Total1,904
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Total1,244
Harold Wood Hill Park Residents Association Total504
Green Party Total173
Liberal Democrats Total99
National Front Total50