Green Belt in London

London Borough of

London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames has a total area of 5,742.00 hectares. Of this, 134.56 hectares are designated greenbelt (that's 0% of the borough's total area).

The map below shows the distribution of designation green belt land within London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, together with those areas which are both green belt and within the ITP London Plan small sites policy H2 zone (either 800m from a station, high street, or PTAL 3+).

Designated Green Belt

Designated Green Belt with London Plan Policy H2 Zone

Green belt and Small Sites

According to the adopted version of the London Plan, 54.39% of London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames's area falls within the Policy H2 zone; that is either 800m from a high street or station, or in an area with PTAL 3 or more. Some of this area also coincides with designated green belt: there are 49.48 hectares of land which are both green belt and within the Policy H2 definition.