Data Analysis

You can use the form below to compare any dataset with another. It’s not clear yet how useful this is yet, so if you find something which stands out please let us know.

This graph shows population density [people per hectare (based on 2018 population data), including green belt and metropolitan open land]) horizontally (x), with projected Homes on Brownfield Land [area of brownfield land multiplied by average borough housing density (based on 2020 housing projections), excluding green belt and metropolitan land. Note that this figure provides the potential additional dwellings based on existing densities rather than projected increases in density]) shown vertically (y).

Sources: 1) Wikipedia 2) "London's 'Protected' Land: the extent, location and character of designated Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land in Greater London", 2018 (Greenspace Information for Greater London / Campaign for the Protection of the Rural Environment) 3) Population of London (UK) boroughs in 2018, Statistica, Published by Daniel Clark, Oct 28, 2019 4) "State of Brownfield 2019", Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, 2019 (data from local authorities' brownfield land registers, varying dates)..

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